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Papas Freezeria Description

Papa's Freezeria! Is a game for lovers of desserts and everything sweet. A huge variety of delicious fruits are provided to your customers, it remains only to choose and prepare ice cream. Freezeria opened a small institution, where they create desserts for everyone. Visitors come to you, order a wide variety of fruit stuffing and you must cook the dish as soon as possible. Quickly, because you are waiting for other customers who also want to try branded ice cream. On the shore, you always want something cool, you provide a quality product, customers will come and come, queues will be created, think about expanding your business. The game mode is arcade, but thinking is required both in the economic strategy. As soon as you earn money, immediately spend it on upgrading your equipment to make extra variety in the diet. To fulfill one order, you first need to listen to the customer, then start cooking, select the ingredients, all this is beautiful to pack and calculate the buyer, then listen to the next and so on ad infinitum. Make your customers happy, for this, you will get an additional reward. During the passage, experience accumulates, the level increases and the game becomes more complicated. The graphics are cartoonish, but you can not say that it's bad, everything happens right before your eyes, the weight you see from the beginning to the end. It drags on for a long time after I want to know what's next. Improve your skills, automate the process and do not upset customers, then get a lot of money.