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Papa’s Bakeria Description

To your attention the new part from the series of games about Papa Louis. Papa's Bakery will tell us a story about the new diner of Pope Louis and his new employees, who are again in a difficult situation and Louis decides to help them and at the same time develop their new business. This time we help the heroes of the game in the management of the diner, which is a large supermarket and produces cakes and pies. Customers will come to you with their orders, after listening to their wishes, you must strictly follow the order and make all the necessary operations for the production of pies. At the first stage, you need to select the base for the pie, fill it with the necessary stuffing, then bake it in the second stage until it is ready, at the third stage, the final registration takes place, and then the client is sent to you, who will evaluate you for the work done. Undoubtedly, "Papa's Bakery" is a worthy and long-awaited continuation of the entire line of games with Pope Louis, which will help the fans of the series to get to know the heroes of the game and help them organize their work on the new diner.