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Naruto RPG 2 Description

In the game called "Naruto RPG Battle 2," you have to work out all the strikes of acquaintances for every fan of this genre of characters. Your character comes to the shelter, where all his friends live and discovers that Sakura was defeated by an unknown warrior. His anger does not have a limit and he decides to find this villain and why should not it cost him revenge for what he did. But in fact, before to go on such dangerous task it is necessary for him to be properly trained and to work all the super blows. In such a case, he will need a good assistant and they must become you. To begin with, you can visit the level in which you are told how to control a warrior and which keys to press so that he strikes against the enemy. Once you have a good practice, you can go to war with all your enemies. At this stage, you can choose the goal of your game, which will determine which field you will fight, and who exactly will become your opponent. Now the moment has come when you need to show all the techniques that the master taught you. This time, you do not have the right to make a mistake, because only one mistake can lead to defeat.