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Naruto: ninja battles Description

Naruto is ready for the great battle. What about you? Hero Naruto have always wished to lead the village an now he gets opportunity. But it is not going to be an easy task. Naruto should defeat all the opponents and win all the ninja battles held in the street. He is very smart and powerful, however, he needs greatly your help. The opponents are strong too so do not underestimate them. For the enemy to lose you keep on attacking without any break. As they do not have enough time to regain their energy and attack Naruto. The health bar increase with every hit so watch out as when it ends the game is over. You can combine several moves by mixing certain attacks and creating powerful hit moves. Do not forget to protect yourself by blocking the attacks. Make your way to the finals in the Naruto game and show everyone that Naruto deserves the position. He is very hardworking that will manage to beat anyone in Naruto battles. Show all his abilities and skills. This is the right time to shine.