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Naruto: flash battle 2 Description

Player 1 Controls :

Move / Jump - Z,Q,S,D
Guard - K
Punch - L
Kunai - M
Throw - I
Special - O

Player 2 Controls :

Move / Jump - ↑↓←→
Guard - 1
Punch - 2
Kunai - 3
Throw - 4
Special - 5

You can change the keys configuration in the options of the game (joystick supported)

Tips :

- Press the forward key twice to teleport while the opponent is beating you and then counter him with a combo (1 chakra bar required)
- Execute a kick while in the air to break the opponent’s guard
- When the opponent is falling down, hit him to execute some combos, you can even perform a special attack
- If the game lag, try the set the graphics quality to low in the options

About the game

Naruto is a boy in whom the power of the demon of the Nine-Tailed Fox is hidden. He became an unbeaten fighter in his settlement and the best fighter in the ancient ninja clan. But he has a desire and a goal, which he intends to implement. He intends to become the head of the settlement. After all, he was his father, who destroyed the demon and concealed his strength in his son. From the ages of Naruto struggles for justice, protects his family and population, shows an example of a good fighter. History shows that the path of truth is always filled with obstacles, which strengthen the spirit and become an incentive for the passage of a new level. The protagonist of online games quickly became a favorite of all young men, subdued their hearts and mind. Naruto flash battles became a reflection of the life of this famous character. It is not difficult to tempt friends with new tricks and shock equipment acquired during the passage. Having fulfilled all the tasks, fulfill the main desire of the great liberator. In the game "Naruto: Flash Battles," you'll have to help the guy win all street fights. Always collect hot torches, they will add experience and become a good warm-up before a difficult road. Vitality plays a huge role, collect the elixir of life, in order to always be ready for large-scale battles. Undoubtedly graceful graphics and excellent dynamics will appeal even to the most demanding users, many remained admired from the high-quality performance of this platform. You have to fight with a lot of enemies and friends. During a duel, you must not let the enemy take a breath and cause crushing blows and attacks. To do this, you need to combine the movement keys and attack keys. Also, you can play other characters. Good luck!