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Multisquare Description

Multisquare introduces an amazing technique of match 3 games. Such unique puzzle game gives the opportunity to design the game yourself. Players should fill the field themselves in a smart way so that it will never be full. There should always remain unoccupied places. You are given blocks of various squares that differ in size shape and in color and even in some cases the block may consist of several colorful blocks. So they should be put in the area very thoroughly. Your point is to join identical squares and remove them from the field. For this you need leastwise three similar items. The longer the combinations the more points are available so try to make more than just three of them. Use your creativity and be careful to not overfill the field. You have enough time to think so do not hurry and do your best. Colorful graphics and lovely design of a puzzle game make it attractive. Put much efforts to set new records and increase your positions in the rank and develop new analytical abilities. Have some fun with multisquare.