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Moto X3M Description

Following the extreme skater, it's time to ride a bike and make a complete extreme in the online game Moto Ex3m. Although the skateboard was changed to a motorcycle, and the worn saddle creaks again, and the goal of the game remains the same to rush through the level as quickly as possible. And even faster, performing tricks, as in Velo Magna Kah 2, which will give you extra time to pass. There are no enemies here, as in the mad race, but to get through the level, you have to sweat. After all, the authors tried with obstacles and puzzles in the best tradition of the flash game happy wins. The track for motocross consists entirely of traps and dangers, and only an experienced racer will be able to get around them, using the passage all the improvised means. Start the motorcycle racing on the beach, flying barrels rushing at you and sharp circular saws, performing flips and backflips, dead loops around the thorns. Use structures in the form of a tank, to pass dangerous obstacles, avoid stone presses and destroy obstacles, collapse columns as dominoes and use other clever mechanisms to reach the finish line in time in this physical world. Ride through the underground caves and wilderness, showing the wonders of agility on your faithful motorcycle. And call your friends, fans of the triathlete, compete in the ability to control the iron horse.