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Mortal Kombat Karnage Description

Mortal combat carnage is currently among the top five online games with minimal PC requirements. The product is designed for boys of different ages, however, the presence of violence scenes greatly narrows the circle of potential users. Combined control. In some cases, the use of manipulators is allowed, but the basic control is standard with the help of a keyboard. 2D graphics are uncomplicated in the tradition of old games for consoles. It is designed for those who want to pop nostalgize and remember the childhood with the game, into which millions were cut. Anyone wishing to remember the past will surely remember the management and rules of the game. Those who decided to find out what the parents were playing at his age would be interested in the essence of the game. The player looks at his character and chooses a character in hand-to-hand combat to defeat the opponent. Characters are realized in several hypostases, both male and female. In this case, each of them is endowed with its own appearance, distinctive features and supernatural abilities that will be useful in combat. There is an opportunity to test the game in several modes of use. The simplest mode is a trial, where you can try the strengths in the training version. There are also several other options designed to play one or two users on the same workstation. Over opponents you can do a lot of naughty beat your hands, feet, throw snowballs, sparks and use other kinds of tricks available only to one particular character. However, one must remember about self-defense and use blocks, jumps, and hoists. Forces can be changed and added with the transition from one level to another, so do not be surprised if something new arises, then the hero can use.