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Milk The Cow Description

Have you ever milked a cow? Probably not. Did you want to try? With "Milk_The_Cow", you can do this, and you do not need to go to the farm and get your hands dirty. In truth, with a real process of milking a virtual has little in common. But the reality of the game creates the impression that you really milk the real cow. "simulator" Is supported by the sounds of milking the bucket and final mooing. The interface is simple and pleasant. The main page consists of a background photo with a rural landscape and a short menu (it is English, but you can understand without foreign knowledge). The same playground is occupied, in addition to the bucket and udder described above, a counter. that's what really gives the game a passion because milking a cow is much more interesting for speed. There is even a regime in which you can compete with other participants. At first glance, the game is stupid and pointless, in fact, it is very funny and sweet. Therefore, to play in Milk The Cow can safely and men, and women, and children.