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Mazerat Description

Mazerat is an obsessive adventure game with exciting storyline that deserves some attention. The ailens were on a mission on the Earth and now they are going back. They have take a rat with them from our planet to make various experiments on it. Poor rat! We should help him to get out of the spaceship. It is located in a maze so the task is not a simple one. However, we will not leave the rat alone. Players should find the exit of the maze to find the ultimate gate to freedom. Before that they should pass carefully trying to avoid the lazars situated in various areas of the maze. Touching one of them will mean an end for the level. As you progress further the game it gets more intricate and thought-provoking. Use minimal steps and acquire all three stars designed for each perfect result at the end of the levels. Will you manage to succeed with an absolutely perfect outcome? Have a good luck in escaping from the aliens.