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Madness-Project Nexus Description

The game is made in 2D style with a sea of blood and corpses and in the genre Run'n'Gun Shooter Already there is such a universe as Madness. So this game is from the official creators of the Madness universe. In the game, there is a "slowdown" of time and it is called "Bullet Time". There is nothing to say about the plot since it is almost there. The game also has bosses. The game is divided into missions and episodes. The missions here are performed in the styles of different buildings for which our heroes move Episodes of only 2. 1 and 1.5. Now in the active development is the second part. In the first episode, we are shown 3 characters. Hank -Deadly ninja killer, who in the beginning has Katana and Glock. Deimos a Brutal soldier in a cap and with a cigarette, which at the beginning of the mission carries, a submachine gun with a silencer and a USP with a silencer. Sanford no less brutal and deadly. Carries a hook and a USP with a silencer. In episode 1.5, we play for such a character as Jesus. At the beginning of the episode, he is quite a simple character, but after a couple of "missions", he gets super abilities that allow him to hurl people in different directions, tear them to pieces, and also turn corpses into zombies. There are several enemy species. Grant is a simple dummy without strong armor. The agent is the stronger bastard who wears a suit and red glasses. The soldier is a highly protected clone with yellow blood. GOL3M Monster with very strong metal armor. Usually, he carries a Gatling machine gun and a large sledgehammer. 1 boss the same GOL3M is only more protected and instead of gray metal, red. Final Boss A giant agent with a very powerful pistol. Weapons are present as firearms, and melee weapons. (You can even fight with an umbrella). There is also an arena mode.