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Lumber Runner Description

Lumber Runner is an excellent skill game with awesome gameplay. The idea of the game is rather simple and easy, however, it requires some special skills at the same time. The most essential element is the ability to keep the balance. You can choose from funny characters offered in the game. To begin with you do not have great range of options but as you progress and earn money you can unlock new heroes. So what exactly to need to do? The lumber stands on the spinning log located on the water. It is moving all the time and there is a huge risk your character will fall into the water and sink. You cannot let this happen. Keep pushing him right and left permanently. You cannot stand still as the wood is moving so keep yourself in the balance and do not fall into the water. Collect the golden coins moving towards you to use them later on the shop. Each level will require restricted time to survive and complete it. Let’s see how long you can survive.