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Longcat Journey Description

Longact Journey is a unique puzzle game with entartaining gameplay and obseseive settings. The cutest cat hunts the fishes to obtain coins and overcome the levels. In each level the cat directed by the players moves towards the target and eats the fish. After taking the fish you should find the way out of the world. There is a ladder that shows how to get out of the room but first you should consider all the possible and safe paths to it. The cat cannot jump so calculate carefully all the moves. With every bite it gets bigger so it becomes easier to move and not to fall from the obstacles. You should utilize minimal number of strides to finish the game to get perfect result and receive three stars for each level. You will have much fun with this extremely funny animal game. Enjoy your time while playing beautifully designed colorful cartoonish Longcat Journey. Let’s see how fur you can make it. Are you able to acquire all three stars for all the levels?