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Logical Element Description

Logical Element will make tour brain exercise a little bit. The puzzle game requires usage of common sense to overcome all thirty levels. Players start with easy ones evolving to the complex levels. If they manage all of them players will be provided with bonus levels full of funny elements and suchlike stuff. You start exploring the logic game from the beginning and learn with it how to deal with gates as the gameplay utilizes such concepts as diodes and logic-gates. In fact, all you need is to switch the lights in every levels. But it only seems easy as there is a huge pile of gates between lights and levers and they are all diverse. They have various colors and act depending on it. Purple gate inverts the sign they are so called Not. Blue gates are diodes that permit the flow of energy from one side. Orange ones require two inputs for a signal and finally yellow ones may take any input. Go through rooms and accomplish all of them to unlock extra room full of refreshed maps. Check your capabilities and see how much time it takes to finish the logic game.