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Little Phobia Description

Do you remember those moments when you were completely left alone in a dark room? It seems that you have to go to bed, but how can you fall asleep if darkness gathers around and who knows what it is hidden in itself. In the dark, it seems that dozens of monstrous eyes are watching you and they are about to pull their paws out of the shadows and grab you. In the game "Little Phobia", you will remember all these feelings again. Your character will be a little boy who wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to use the toilet. But as soon as he gets up from the bed the corridor will become endless, and terrible eyes will follow you. But you certainly need to get to the restroom to turn on the light and all the terrible monsters will dissipate. All you need to get to the goal and not fall into the clutches of monsters. You have to jump over the shadows using the high chair. You can push it forward or drag along with you. Also, you need to close your eyes when ghosts or witches appear and they will not notice you.