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Lines 98 Description

Lines 98 is a kind of game that will make you think hard. Make use of your logic and see whether you can go further in the world of bubble game. Players are supposed to connect colorful balls making a chain consisted of leastwise five balls. If you manage to make longer chain than you get more points. The field consists of nine squares. When a chain disappears from the field another three colored balls appear instead of them. Before you can already see what colors will be and predict their location. So you can prevent in case you do not like the place. Balls are easily moved from their place unless there is no other ball blocking them on the way. Lines 98 does not have levels you should try to survive as long as possible. Play carefully and do not make mistakes. Try to set a new record and have fun with the bubble game. As you progress it is more and more complicated all squares are filled with balls so make careful moves.