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Land of Wonders Description

Land of Wonders take player to a magnificent world of real miracle and magical creatures. Welcome to the world of fabulous elves. People have always considered stories about these wonderful creatures just tales but now users have the chance to get acquainted with them. The journey is going to be intense full of miracle adventures. Alex is an elf that will accompany you through the whole trip showing al the secrets and real wonders of their land. To make the journey even more entertaining players should complete certain missions by searching for special items that have been missing for centuries. These things have great importance for them as they possess a huge magical power that is why it is vital to get them first. The witch is looking for them for a while now too and if he obtains them the elf world will be in danger. We cannot let this happen. Be faster and use any witty method to take the items first. Get the best memories travelling through the fantastic Land of Wonders. Good luck on your journey to the world of marvel.