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Kof vs Zombies Description

KOF vs zombies is an extremely fabulous fighting game that will take you to the world of perilous adventures. The events take place in the far future. A disaster happens to the human race as some popular corporation create a dangerous virus that causes a great trouble. The virus turns people into living dead individuals. The world is covered with these creatures and there are only a few survivors who are hiding from the enemy shivering from fear. The players take under control the hero who is the only hope for saving human beings. They direct the character to destroying all the rivals that come on his way. The brave hero has the chance to defeat the evil and save everyone in the zombie game. He is rather strong who possesses numerous tricks to utilize them in a battle. The rival may appear alone or they can attack with a group several ones at the same time. You can jump and refrain the shots they send so be careful and watch out the health amount you have. When it arrives at its minimum point the game is over. Now the future of humans depends on you in the zombie fighting game.