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Knights and Brides Description

Knights and Brides is a perfect kids game designed both for girls and boys. In this girls game you can see both good looking and brave knights and beautiful ladies. Players can choose either to be a knight or a lady. If they select the role of a prince, they will fight in battles to get the approval of the princess. Each type has a heritage and as you open new levels it will be revealed in the future. Young girls should motivate their knights to fight well and win. It is possible to play alone or with friends making a couple. Every knight brings his battle a gift to the princess. Ladies can make tasty food for them and their strength increases. So this give them privilege to overcome the opponents and win the trophy. Besides the fight players develop agriculture. They think about their farms and animals and fruits and vegetables. All these are an essential part of the gameplay. Enjoy the fascinating design and multicolor characters that are fun to play. You develop your skills in different directions and it makes the princess games more addictive and entertaining.