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Kingdom Rush Description

Description of the game: playing in Kingdom Rush is very easy and exciting before the start of each battle, you just need to correctly place the towers and heroes along the roads, they need to protect from the invasion of the orcs, goblins and other wickedness, For once trying to break through the site of your locality. Simply put, you need to defend the road in all available ways. As the earnings increase for the destruction of the enemies of the kingdom, you can upgrade the heroes and towers to buy new abilities and strength. The game about King Rush (Protection of the Kingdom 1) an excellent online game in the style of the tower, for children and adults, with pleasant music and fascinating passage in a fantasy country. Please note that on our site you can play in the seKingdom Rush an exciting and addictive game of the genre Defend a Fortress or Tower Defense. She will take you to the colorful fantasy world. Until recently, in the fields growing wheat and grazing sheep, birds sang in the trees, lakes splashed in the lakes, and the locals did not know grief. In a word, life was a key, and at times it seemed that it would always be so. But it was a delusion The day has come when a terrible evil appeared in the vicinity of the kingdom, suggesting fear and horror to all life. Trolls, goblins, orcs, skeletons, demons led by a powerful sorcerer plundered and burned down villages and villages. They killed everyone they met on their way whether human or animal. Many good people fell, and those who stayed alive took shelter in the royal castle and waited for a hero who could repel the evil and save the kingdom. No wonder that it was you! Take over the leadership of the royal army. Kingdom rush peacetime Kingdom rush war Set the path of the evil trolls towers with archers, take advantage of the support of artillery, do not forget about the living force to contain the enemy, well, wizards also do not interfere, because at the head of this evil spell necromancer Vezina. The main goal of the game is not to allow the evil to break through the built defense. For this, be sure to improve your army with the help of the stars received for the victory in each battle, consider the following point: any used weapon in the game is effective only for a particular type of enemy. Tower-Defense Game kingdom rush in translation from English is called commotion in the kingdom. It has no age restrictions and will surely appeal to both children and adults. The game process is built in such a way that you do not have to be bored, and a lot of fun and lots of positive emotions are waiting for any player. This site is dedicated to kingdom rush and its continuation, as well as everything that is associated with it. Here you can easily download it, find a description of enemies and heroes, watch videos on the passage of each level and, of course, play online.quit the game Kingdom of Rush Frontiers (Kingdom Rush Frontiers) to protect the Queen 2.