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Killers on Blocks Description

You have a new experience in action game of Killers on blocks. It is a minecraft game that has a certain storyline that follows a catastrophe. The Earth faces some problems as there are holes in ozone and oxygen has decreased. So know scientists decided to select two people who will travel in space to a planet which is considerably convenient for human beings. You can choose a friend for you to accompany you. In action game players have the mission to inform about the situation there to learn whether there is a chance to survive. The main character is Steve who will face various weird creatures. They usually take shelter in secret places so it’s complicated to find them. Players have special radars to search for them. When they are found players should go and kill them quickly before these creatures attack. Players have health restriction and it should be watched out. Make use of all your skills and abilities to fight killers in action game of Killers of blocks. Good luck in your experience.