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Karnage Description

Karnage is an excellent shooting game with precise settings and dreamlike graphics. The game enables players to cooperate with other users make teams and fight against the same enemy. They are given a weapon that should be charged from time to time. The armors can be found on the battlefield. Ensure to collect all of them so that you will not run out of weapon especially on the most essential moments when the opponents attack and you cannot respond them the same way. The area is full of barriers where you can hide or surprise the rival and appear in front of them suddenly. Be careful and try to help your alliances to deal with the rivals. You should attempt to survive as long as possible. Explore the map of the location that is surrounded by lava. It makes the game more intriguing and motivating. Players plan their moves correctly and they are capable of defeating greater number of opponents. Invite your friends and have fun together or just make friends with new players. It will be a crazy battle game that requires speed and focus. Good luck on the clashes.