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You guess animals don't own martial arts? Naturally, many of them don't need such talents. Sharp fangs, claws, or just weighty paws are enough to win the foes. But some animals prefer to learn more by learning the sacraments of karate. And there are experienced masters engaged in the training of such guys. Do you want to try yourself as a sensei? Well, "Monkey_karateist" is obediently waiting on the tatami and is ready to fulfill any of your commands. She can hit on the body, head, feet, accepting the commands. The whole process will have to be managed very accurately. The dumb animal itself is not able to react to the condition without prompting. Each type of impact corresponds to a special button. Click on the arrows to beat the padded soft cushions. If you miss, the monkey karateist will certainly visit the teacher in an unprotected place. And she fights painful, despite her moderate size. You don't need to remember anything the prompts constantly pop up on the screen. Each successful stroke will add you points. But the slips will not end well. As a result, at the end of the workout, you can enjoy the results in the table.