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Jewelish Blitz Description

"Jewelish Blitz" is a classic from the "match 3" section. It really tightens, you'll not have time to look back as an hour passes. Each level is sixty exciting seconds of exploding jewelry plus a victory over the record. With a mouse click switch jewels to combine three or more similar jewels. As more as better, cuz this will award you more points, and you'll get a unique stone with a certain ability. What kind abilities, you may ask? Blowing up 3 stones, you'll get only some points, nothing else. 4 stones: Here begins the most interesting. You'll earn a unique gemstone, that will erase all the stones immediately next to it. 5 stones in the line: Here is the PRO LEVEL! You'll get a super wondrous mega jewel. If you carry this pearl to any other, all same colored jewels will explode. BAAM! If you'll destroy "L" or "T" formed jewels, which contains five precious stones in the aggregate, then the received power is an electro-pearl that will throw all the jewelry across. Very helpful.