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Jelly Collapse Description

Jelly Collapse is a perfect puzzle game that will train your brain and skills. It is a sophisticated match 3 game with a lot of fun. Players should utilize all their abilities and knowledge to solve the puzzle. The point is that players should find a combination of similarly colored jellies and just tap on them to clear the field. Each level has a certain score that should be reached to complete it. You can remove a at least a union of two jellies. However, it would be better for you strategically make bigger combinations to gain extra points. Combining five items will give you the chance to update the field and get more jellies and if you manage to unite ten items together you will be awarded with a bomb. This are extremely essential as you may run out of jellies and if you have been able to complete the task by that time level will be failed. Use all your capabilities and create a perfect plan to overdo the task. Get a great number of points and reach the final levels with highest score.