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iPlayer: Klondike Description

The idea of Klondike arcade game is basically farming. Though it includes more than just harvest or building new house. In fact, as a farmer you have to move to new places over and over again. You constantly are discovering new locations and start to develop your farm there. So you are not put still in one place as you complete certain tasks of this or that place you are moved to a new land where you can search for treasures as they are hidden everywhere. Every time you get to a new location adviser Klondike helps to get used to it. You do not play isolated just for yourself but there are neighbors they are true players. You are connected as you can go to visit them or help if necessary by sending presents or receiving from them. The character is given missions like contacting something or planting fruits and vegetables. Players can give Klondike some commands at the same time and he will do the in order. Players do not have to spend much time with the computer. There is not fixed number of levels as it is an arcade game. Develop new lands and relax with the adventure girls game.