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ICS 2 Description

ICS 2 proceeds the famous adventure game being the sequel. It preserves all the impressive technics used before introduced with more addictive graphics. The scientist is sick with IC syndrome so you had better stay away from the sun as much as possible as it is a death for him. He has very dangerous enemy that should be defeated, however he wants to cope with him alone on his self. The point is that you should help him to reach the final place the enemy is waiting for him. Keep him safe while he is going through perilous adventures and do not allow him burn in flames. Before you reach the ultimate goal try to collect all the secret items that are required to unlock the secret level. They are essential to complete the level so try hard and think carefully of all possible places they can be. Remember you cannot stay long under the sun as you will run out of the limit and the game is failed. Enjoy the adventure game and score the highest scores.