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Hopy Paradise Description

A fun flash game with elements of a puzzle, in which you can play online. A small purple dinosaur Hopi has just hatched from an egg and wants to find his way to heaven. A huge ancient world is filled with adventures, enemies, and friends. Will the cub manage to cope with difficulties and achieve his goal? The idea of the game is to help the kid to overcome obstacles on the way and go on. Each level is a small quest. To clear the way for a dinosaur, you have to move objects, interact with other characters, consistently perform actions. At first, the tasks are rather primitive, for example, move the stone off the road. But the further the Hopi progresses, the more puzzling become the riddles. You will have to guess how to frighten off a huge pterodactyl, make a menu for a hungry Tyrannosaurus, get out of the cook's cave-caveman and much more. To play, click the mouse on the items. When the path is free, click on Hopi and he will go on. Flash drive will surely appeal to children. A sweet atmosphere, funny characters, funny music, all these can be enjoyed for free.