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Hexagor Description

Hexagor is a fantastic strategy planning game. The atmosphere in the game is challenging. Players can enjoy precisely designed gameplay that is rather motivating. You had the chance to conquer the world so let’s get it. Though you start from a small capital with a little area around it you can expand it and invade the territory of your rival. Make a perfect plan and start acting. The enemy I is not going to watch how you will grab all the territory so watch out and make sure you’re the area you possess is under your control and well defended. He will attack at anytime and anywhere so defend your base more carefully. There are neutral areas between you and your enemy so attempt to conquer them first and then pass on to the opponent’s territories. However, you should think quickly so surpass him and win the game. Have a nice time in this wonderful strategy game. Definitely, the battles will be intense so good luck to you, brave man.