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Greedy Rabbit Description

Greedy Rabbit a game from a host of classic platformers. In it, you have to collect various chips and avoid dangerous bayonets. It's simple, and at the same time, it's quite difficult. The playing field is a structure with a large number of protrusions and depressions at different levels. Bunny needs to go around the whole field to collect bonus stars and vegetables. The latter means a pass to the next level. only after the bunny is eating all the carrots/tomatoes/cabbages the portal will open. Control is performed using a virtual joystick. You can rotate the rabbit, stop it, make it jump right or left. Adapt will not be so easy just because the animal in the game is very fast. But this makes the Greedy Rabbit more interesting. The graphics are cartoonish and at the same time laconic, which distinguishes Greedy Rabbit among a number of overly bright, crowded platformers.