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Governor of Poker Description

Flash game "Governor_Of_Poker" deservedly takes a leading position in the ranking of the most traditional poker simulators for beginners. An adventure saga with an excellent storyline and attractive graphics is an excellent way to learn poker at minimal cost. "Governor_Of_Poker" slot or "Poker_King" permits you to play all types of Texas Hold'em. The flash slot permits you to try your hand at the matches Sit'N'Go, Heads Up and in the closest to reality games on the cache. FEATURES: The flash game is implemented in the format of a gambling simulator, offering to participate in competitions, perform tasks and receive a decent number for this. The money you win can be invested in the acquisition of virtual real estate. Real estate in the game constantly brings revenue and having bought up all the buildings of the city, the player can take the post of governor. To become the owner of any house in the city can also be won by the owner's mansion in one of the cash games. Buildings easily become a bit or alien. RULES OF THE GAME The game begins with the definition of the character of the appropriate name. The simulator allows you to adjust the sound parameters and change the special effects. The menu is available in several languages, however, the game is not Russified. Varies and the level of complexity. For beginners, the format Easy is provided, players with experience choose Medium, and specialists Hard. Another feature of the flash simulator is the choice of speed. The switch is located in the Adjust Speed menu (1x or 2x). Available game options: Overview view the positions of other party members; Leave table to leave the table; Instructions a menu showing payouts by combinations; Quit exit the game; Options settings for sound and special effects. The protagonist of the game a cowboy, constantly traveling between several towns. In a case of successful completion of tasks, your character becomes the governor of the city. START The game at the table begins after selecting active participants, click on them with the mouse. For each hero, there are certain signs, such as a question mark or others. Then follows the offer to start a game of poker. In this case, you can both start the game and refuse.Once in the saloon, the hero takes part in tournaments. Players in the barn are choosing real betting caches, and once you are in the stable, you can compete for the fastest horse. In this round, the character participates in the Heads-Up tournament.Having received a horse, the player can travel to other cities.