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Gold Mine Description

Gold Mine defines the real nature of a strategically game. The point is that it is not just a simple match 3 game. The reason is that Gold mine requires special analytical skills to make up a plan before any action you take. Players are given an opportunity to become rich and mine as much gold as they manage. However, it is not so easy, as gold is not just lying under ground and you go and pick it. Gold is flooded with other not so important elements so organize your work beforehand. You can math two and more blocks with identical color. If you are able to combine many blocks than you acquire even more points. When the wall of blocks reaches you the game is over so that nobody will notice. In fact, significant portion of the points depends on the amount of digging gold. They drastically increase the number when minor works. Various squares contain special things and items. When you manage to collect all gold each level is completed. You can replay it and try you bet to complete a lot of levels. Good luck with the strategically hard working game.