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Gods of arena Description

"Gods_of_the_Arena". The game about the battles of swordsmen. You play for the Roman patrician Cornelia, who owns the swordsman slaves. You need to send them to the arena or to additional fights around. In the market for slaves, you can buy new gladiators or sell old ones. In the section blacksmith, you can buy weapons and armor, dress up fighters and choose additional combat specialization from level 5 (the icon near the head in the inventory). Some weapons can only be used by gladiators who studied the relevant specialization displayed in the tooltip only for Gallus can handle a heavy weapon, knows how to stun enemies. Dimachaerus holds swords in each hand, blows can cause bleeding. Hoplomachus owns a spear and strikes from a distance, can throw a spear. Retiarius can be armed with a trident and a network also attacks from an increase distance and can throw a network at enemies, disabling them temporarily. Sagittarius the archer shoots from far away, sometimes attacks with a double shot. Murmillo can wear a shield and push enemies back. Sometimes on the map, there are additional marks bones is a bit on the battle of other gladiators, a bag extra. score. Some weapons give additional hits, for example, touch of death to kill with one hit (it is required to stand close), these blows should be used in combat by clicking on the corresponding icon.