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Goalkeeper Challenge Description

Accept the challenge and do not miss your chance. Goalkeeper Challenge is waiting for a professional like you. Soccer game is presented from the perspective of a goalkeeper. So you are the saver of your team. It is a one versus one battle between you and the automatically directed player. The task is pretty simple as you have to protect the goals no matter what. The opponent kicks randomly at any angle so be ready for any kind of skills. You are provided with gloves on the screen that will help you to pull the ball from the area. Your opponent is rather experienced and skillful player so he will give you a hard time. He will kick the balls fast at any direction so you have to concentrate on the ball and predict exactly where it will hit. Each level consists of five kicks so try to save as many as possible to complete it. With increasing levels the kicks become more unpredictable and fast so it gets more difficult. Show your courage and will to win over the other player, be extremely focused and prepare quick reaction to various situations.