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Goal Champion Description

Goal Champion is a crazy soccer game with intense gameplay. It gives the opportunity to become areal champion winning all three leagues and competing against twenty-four different teams. All of them are accomplished players and you will have a hard time while playing. You should score a goal to win the level. The bar shows the power you will hit and you can change the target to pick the best angle while targeting at the goal. You have only three try so use them attentively. The team that first gain three points as each goal provides one, it will win and get golden cup. If you have only two points and only one you receive the second or the third place accordingly. The opponent players will try to distract you so let them know who is the best kicker. It is a great penalty game with a lot of fun. Get the chance and improve your soccer capabilities to win the trophy. Beat all the teams and score the highest score with maximum number of goals. Let’s do it together.