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Geometry Rush Description

Geometry Rush is a perfect skill game that demands absolute concentration and guarantees lovable relax time. The game is rather simple but precisely designed for all ages. The player controls a littles triangle that should move across the ground and reach the final checkpoint. Sounds easy but it is easier to say than act. In fact, there are numerous obstacles on the way to overcome. A lot of items on the field that are moving randomly at various speeds. You need to avoid them because in case you hit one of them the game is over. You do not have much time to think so you had better be quick and find the right moment to pass through them. The triangle is surrounded by great walls from two sides that are approaching rapidly. When they reach the triangle it will be smashed immediately and you will lose the game. Geometry Rush requires some speed so put in all your energy and find out the highest level you can get. Have a nice time and train your skills in an amzing geometry game.