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Galaxy Mission Description

Galaxy Mission is an astonishing and unusual match 3 game. It is far from being the classical such like game as it consists of numerous distinctive elements that make the game more entertaining. It is in fact action game as your ultimate mission is to defeat the enemy by collecting a great range of points and armor. Each element on the field is destined for a specific function in the game. You should make a plan and try to attack the enemy by picking necessary components to cause damage to the rival. Every correctly selected item will serve for winning over him. It is turn-based game so each your step is followed by his step. Attempt to make quick attacks so that the opponent will not have a chance give feedback. You can get healed by special elements on the field. Do not forget to collect shield to protect yourself as the opponents get stronger all the time. Get ready to face them in death battles and get all the trophies. You have a secret galaxy mission so prove yourself being a great warrior.