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Forgotten Hill: Surgery Description

Forgotten Hill: Surgery is horror game with mysterious secrets and extremely insane settings. The players go through a lot in this adventure game. The game has a unique storyline that develops somehow during the time. Main character appears in a hospital mysteriously. The point is that he does not remember anything neither what happened before nor how he got there. He has some vague memories that are terrifying. So what he has to do now is go as far as possible from the clinic. In fact, they keep him there by force so he should think of a perfect plan to escape. Players solve various puzzles of diverse difficulty. The ultimate goal is to find a safe way to the outside world. Be careful and do not get caught. Think creatively and enjoy an extraordinary adventure game. It is a lot of fun to play Forgotten Hill due to its amazing concept and mixture of horror and logic. Think straight and discover the hidden door to freedom. Take your chance and good luck on your adventures.