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Forgotten Hill Memento Description

Forgotten Hill Memento is an absolutely attractive puzzle game with most intriguing dark gameplay. The background story goes back to three decades ago. At the beginning everything was fine in the town and people continue living peacefully. However, this does not last for a long time as a lot of weird things start to happen there. The story commences with the sudden death of the character’s wife and a butler. This makes him think hard and search for evidence to find out what is going on. He should solve various puzzles in the house. The tasks include finding special codes and remembering a combination of the to unlock the doors and get out of the rooms. The mystery should be resolved so help the hero to find all the answers to his questions and come back his normal life. Use the mouse to move the objects in the room or to collect them if necessary. The truth is behind the dark walls of the house. Will you be able to uncover it wisely? Enjoy the puzzle game Forgotten Hill Memento.