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Football Headz Cup 2 Description

Football heads Cup is a funny soccer game where you should make use of not standard rules and norms of the real game. All you need is the desire to win. There are the famous teams of all time with their star players, however to begin with you have less choice option. At first levels you can select from a short list and as you progress winning you can choose your favorite. The game has two modes as to play one versus one or if you are a team player select two versus two version of the game. In the latter one of the players protects the goals and the other attacks the opponent and tries to score a goal. You have a finite amount of time so you better hurry and surpass the team. Score as many as you manage in the certain period of time and win the level. As you continue winning all the teams from various groups you reach the final and here long awaited trophy will be yours. Soccer game consists of lovely and ridiculous characters of real players that makes the game more fun and alluring. Good luck.