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Flight Description

In Flight, a little girl wrote a letter to Santa Claus, made a paper airplane out of the letter and let it into the sky. But will the letter reach him? This is exactly what our task is, to help a little girl. Touching desire: "Dear Santa! I want to see my mom for this Christmas. With love, Sandy Plunge into the world of travel of a little girl's airplane that will make you visit London, Paris, Egypt and much more and help, at last, little Sandy to see Mom. The game Flight is very exciting, calms the nerves. A paper airplane can be improved, improved: improve handling, install an engine. The game has a bright, beautiful graphics. Control: We launch a paper airplane with a mouse, it is advisable to try to do it as high and far as possible. Then control goes through the keys A and D, you need to fly as far as possible. During the flight, you need to collect bonuses, perform achievements. If there is a lack of speed, you can use nitro (speed accelerator space).