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Fillz Description

Filltz brings all new concepts in a world of puzzle game. It is not an ordinary classical game. Fillts is a glorious logic game that requires great analytical skills and common sense. Players should simply find the suitable place for the tiles. The locations are highlighted so you just need to fill in the tiles using minimal amount of moves to accomplish the task with three stars. There is a certain fixed number of steps that should not be surpassed to get ideal result. This will be your perfect result. There are forty levels and they are grouped in two sections that include easy mode and advance. So puzzle-skill game challenges your brain so starts working. In fact, the game does not make it fall into a stress but rather stimulates the brain to further development. It is a relaxing game that will help to enjoy the puzzle game and tutor your mind. It is a game for logically thinking people who need to check their abilities and sharpen them while having fun. Good luck in the game.