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Euro Penalty 2016 Description

Win the Europe league in Euro penalty soccer game. Do want the great feeling of obtaining the trophy for your team? So let’s go. Players can select their beloved group from all over the world to take them to the top list of winners. Players can play either as goal keeper or as a striker. Players should gain more points than their opponents to make their wat to the final stages of the game. So what is exactly soccer penalty? If a player chooses to be a goal keeper than he should save the team not letting the enemy shoot a goal. Then the opponents hit the ball and there is a red area on the screen that shows in which direction ball will come. In this case it is sufficient for the players to do every click on time. When player is a striker he should push for three times and decide the heading he will hit and how powerful it will be. Take your time and have some fun with your team helping them to win Euro champion in this soccer penalty game. Good luck!