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Euro 2016: Goal Rush Description

Euro 2016: Goal Rush is an extraordinary soccer game with a unique approach. You are going to have an intense time while playing against the rivals. Pick a team from national teams the one you like the most and play a real strategical football. The principle idea is to score goals as obviously in general, but you should be a team player to win the game. To attack the opponent use tactics so that he will not manage to distract you. You should pass the ball to your teammates across the field and score a goal. Each level is completed as soon as you manage to do that. The process should not last long. Play very fast so that rivals cannot tale the ball from your players. When the succeed you lost a life and after several ones the game is over and you have to restart it. Here your special ability of quick response is required as you do not have time to think over what to do and how. Plan your attack beforehand. With each level the number of players grows and it becomes hard to surpass them. Have fun with your favourite teams till the championship.