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Endless Truck Description

It's time for a real monster truck! How far can you go ahead on an endless race track? You control a cool truck that is not afraid of any obstacles, it craves speed and likes to perform tricks. Also, an endless race in which you will drive a jeep, rushing along the highway is waiting for You, collect fuel and money. On the way, you will find many obstacles, such as barriers, mines, and stuff. The race track is rather winding, it has high mountains and irregularities so the jeep can turn over at any time. Learn jumps, perform coups forward and backward to get extra money. After each ride, you'll get to the store. There you can buy improvements for your truck. A new engine, new wheels, body, gearbox, and a steel bumper. That's what a real truck, jeep or off road car needs! Improve it until you buy all the most expensive parts, then you can drive forward without looking back! Good Ride!