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Electric Man Description

"Electric_Man" an unusual and popular game from DX Interactive, in the genre of action-packed fights for survival. The main figure is a glib man who comes into melee combat with their enemies. Around the hero is always glowing electric field. At the beginning, you can choose the color and give a name to your person. now after a short training character management can begin handing out the enemies on walnuts. It is necessary to learn many knocks and throws to combine them. There Electric Man and a special element, which is worth mentioning time dilation. The player begins the way to victory over all opponents. The menu offered a choice of three levels of responsibility. After practice, the player can choose what type of enemies to fight, for example, clones, freezing or toxic. Each enemy has its own deficiency and strong features. During the battle, be careful, use the best fighting punches and receptions, as well as save health to defeat the enemies.