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Easter Zuma Description

Easter Zuma is a perfect match 3 game for holidays. Get some new emotions from the classical shooting games and enjoy an amazing gameplay designed perfectly with great graphics. The rabbits ae coming in a row so you find essential colored one and shoot to its direction. You need to stop them before they reach the exit. Try not to miss any and finish the task as rapidly as you can. The bonus points will be added to your scores. The first levels are really very simple ones as you progress over the time they get intricate and confusing. However, you will find no other more relaxing game than Easter Zuma. The atmosphere is really motivating and addictive. You just cannot help yourself from playing the game. Levels are numerous so you can get enough of them. Determine all the levels perfectly and set high scores. It is going to be much fun while playing. It is simple, colorful and entertaining. All you need in one place.