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Dragon King Description

Saga of Kraigon: Ambush at the Dragon Pass is an obsessive fighting game with the coolest gameplay. You will find colorful and cartoonish settings in the game. The background story follows that once a warrior is enjoying his beverage in a bar and when he asked for more the waiter told him there was no any left. The reason is that their caravans were ambushed at the Dragon pass so they could not provide his favorite drink. The warrior got angry and now you should help him to fight his way till the end and bring back everything they have stolen. The brave warrior has a sharp sword that will defeat any opponent at once. Keep moving on the screen and click left if you want to jump and right in case you use your sword. The opponents standing on the way will not let you pass easily so be careful and wise to win all of them. The further you get the harder it gets. Enjoy challenging fighting game and use your martial skills to defeat the evil waiting for you in the end.