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Dragon Fist 3 – Age Of The Warrior Description

Choose your character and dunk the enemy to become the best in this flash game! For strikes, use UTY and other keys (for more details, see the game description if you press the menu key). You act as a fighter for peace and justice, the Kung-Fu School. Having nearly knowledge in the field of battles, you fight against other participants of this game. Because Game "Fist of the Dragon 3 Age of Warriors" for two, then as a partner, you can choose your neighbor or friend and fight with him. Our hero has a great strength, which helps him to cope with rivals. But in addition to strength, most importantly its quality is the ability to attack and defend, which was developed through years of training with the most serious masters of kung fu. Now you also have to prove that the fist of the dragon is not in vain carries this proud name and fight with a bunch of villains, having overcome their fear, having entered into a fight with them and defeating them.