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Dots Mania Description

Dots mania is an easy match 3 game provided with all the features to get interested in this puzzle game. Maybe it really seems simple to link some dots and earn points but there are some boundaries complicating the game. So the main idea is to search for at least two identical dots and connect them with the help of left button of the mouse. The point is obvious: as the number of dots grows the amount of points grows too. But this is not the whole story. There exist special sorts of systems that present certain modes of limited moves or time or unlimited type. Players should be vigilant so that they will make their steps creatively. When time is not endless there is risk to run out of time before completing the level. Similarly, it goes for moves as players make use of their moves quickly and miss the chance to preserve some in case. However, players are able to buy some bonuses from the store and utilize them in needed. Though bonuses are not endless either, so be alert! attractive kids game of Dots mania is an excellent way to relax. Good luck!